Photos taken of various locations in Maine including Bangore and Bar Harbor.  Most of the cemetery photos were locations of Stephen King’s literature.

Nikon D800, Tamron 35-150mm and Tamron 17-35mm

Civic Center / Mission

Civic Center, Mission, and Chinatown

D800 and the Tamron 35-150mm

View of downtown from Mission

Mission District

Sutro Tower from Mission

Civic Center conversation

Stroll down Civic Center

Market Street from Powell

Bay Bridge from Chinatown

The City – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm

I’ve continued the process of taking photos on early weekend mornings to avoid the traffic, crowds, and take advantage of premium natural light.  The fog and the overcast sky were out this morning as I drove around the city looking for opportunities to shoot without anyone around.  I stopped by the Mission, Embarcadero, and Little Italy on this trip.

At this point, I’m running out of real estate in San Francisco, and will most likely start shooting in Oakland.

Equipment used: D800 (heavily used and purchased at auction), Tamron 17-35mm and 35-150mm.



Bay Bridge, San Francisco, D800, Tamron 35-150mm

La Rocca’s Corner, San Francisco – D800, Tamron 17-35mm

La Rocca’s Corner and Taylor, San Francisco – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm

City worker washing the streets, San Francisco – D800 and Tamron 35-150

Transamerica and Salesforce Buildings from Little Italy – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm

Mission and 3rd Street, Downtown SF, – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm

Alley between South Van Ness and Mission, San Francisco – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm

Bay Bridge, San Francisco – D800 and Tamron 35-150mm