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The Denver Comeup

I recently spent some time in Denver and decided to walk around various parts of the city with the camera.  I had no plans on what to shoot or who, and these always make for the best photos.

Some photos of the big tourist spots:


I followed a painter down Capitol Hill.  He showed me some murals, and he talked about selling his art. As we were walking down an alley, he was telling me about fighting in the streets and picked up a random pair of steel toe boots.  I was on guard for a bit but he turned out to be a cool guy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember his name, but you can find him walking around Capitol Hill.




I helped a man back on to his wheelchair after falling off.  A good man that helped had a couple dogs and let me take some photos of them.




Weather has been random here in Colorado, there was a huge storm and the next day it was 90.



Art District:





Methods of transportation:


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