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Meet the Pigeon Whisperer

A group of pigeon gather randomly after hearing the beating sound of a motorcycle’s engine.  Their formation is uniform, much like military personnel filing in after an officer enters the room.  The motorcycle parks and the pigeon gather around the rider and hover even before the engine shuts off.

What I thought was a formal gathering of pigeon, turned out to be a welcoming party for a good friend.  Meet the pigeon whisperer.

He’s a local motorcyclist that routinely feeds this group each morning and has developed a couple close relationships with the birds.  He started 9 months ago and hasn’t stopped.  There was one bird in particular that he nursed back to health after being close to death.  Another is a part of group that came in and decided to stay after developing a close relationship with the guy.


This is the white bird that stayed after meeting him a few months back.



The one that was nursed back to health trusts him so much that he’s willing to jump into the bag of feed.  The cyclist demonstrated that none of the other birds would do this.


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