San Francisco, Oakland Zoo, and Family

Photography is a stress reliever for me, given that, I’ve decided to just bring the camera and shoot without overthinking.  I shoot random scenes and try not to overthink or over analyze my work. Here are some random shots of San Francisco’s Pennsylvania Street.  I caught a view of downtown from this angle and thoughtContinue reading “San Francisco, Oakland Zoo, and Family”


With the recent news of Canon and Nikon developing their mirrorless cameras and the release of the Sony AR7III, the Sony AR7II is cheaper than ever, especially used.  I took one on a recent trip to Chicago.   I found the IBIS very helpful when shooting at night.  Most of these night shots are hand-held.

The Denver Comeup

I recently spent some time in Denver and decided to walk around various parts of the city with the camera.  I had no plans on what to shoot or who, and these always make for the best photos. Some photos of the big tourist spots: I followed a painter down Capitol Hill.  He showed meContinue reading “The Denver Comeup”

Singapore Night Markets

Continuing my one-lens and one-camera setup, I took the Fuji XT2 and Fujinon 16-55mm to Singapore’s night markets.  The camera did very well with low light, now as good as a prime, but definitely held its own.  Here are some of the shots I took in the Geylang market: