With the recent news of Canon and Nikon developing their mirrorless cameras and the release of the Sony AR7III, the Sony AR7II is cheaper than ever, especially used.  I took one on a recent trip to Chicago.   I found the IBIS very helpful when shooting at night.  Most of these night shots are hand-held.

Meet the Pigeon Whisperer

A group of pigeon gather randomly after hearing the beating sound of a motorcycle’s engine.  Their formation is uniform, much like military personnel filing in after an officer enters the room.  The motorcycle parks and the pigeon gather around the rider and hover even before the engine shuts off. What I thought was a formalContinue reading “Meet the Pigeon Whisperer”

Half Moon Bay docks and San Francisco Art

Creativity has escaped me for the last few weeks, and I’ve made a conscious effort to explore without a plan in mind.  I was obsessing too much over gear rather than creating art so I switched to a minimalist set up (Nikon D600 and a Sigma Art 50mm. I spent some time in Half MoonContinue reading “Half Moon Bay docks and San Francisco Art”

Sigma Art 50, D600, and pets

I’ve been missing full frame shots since switching to Fuji XT2, and so I bought some beat up used gear.  The D600 and the Sigma Art were on sale and thought I’d try them out.  I used to own a D750, and the Sigma Art so shooting with this setup is a familiar feeling.  TheContinue reading “Sigma Art 50, D600, and pets”