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Back to the homeland, Mission Street, SF

I lived in SF for about 5 years and Mission was by far my favorite place to go, primarily the 23-25th and Mission area.  I haven’t been here in a long time and thought I’d bring the camera back in the very early morning to take some shots.

Here are some night and morning shots of my favorite places.  I was shooting with the Sony A7RII and the Samyang 35mm FE AF F1.4, hand held.

This is 23rd and Mission.  In my opinion, this is the best of San Francisco.  I would go to Mission Bar, get drunk, stumble next door to get a Torta Cubana, and head across the street for a hot dog sold out of a minivan.


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  1. When I worked at Civic Center in the early 80s we’d occasionally hop on Muni to either 19th or 24th to a Taqueria for the best burritos, other wise my knowledge of the Mission is sorely lacking!

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